Tuesday, September 22, 2015

31 weeks

Thirty one weeks! Wow, it's getting closer! This is the last week of work before my 2 week fall intercession for year round schools... and it is dragging! I have a lot of meetings to get through before I am free!!! And sitting through a day-long continuing education workshop was torture. Sitting down is NOT comfortable. Neither is standing. Or laying. My lower back starts to hurt so badly... so I apologize to the women sitting behind me because I kept trying to adjust my position to make it better!

Cason is the size of a coconut this week, and it feels like it! My update email said he would be very active and is doing somersaults! Sounds about right...

I spent what felt like the entire week in the bathroom thanks to him kicking my bladder. Or every time I stand up it feels like he is right on top of it. 

Ian left for Canada at the end of this week for his annual duck hunting trip with his dad and friends. Such a special trip for them and wonderful memories made. I'm so glad he was able to go this year and that the trip wasn't too close to our due date, so that he wouldn't be worried the whole time he was there! It sounds like they are having a great time- and eating good (if you like duck, that is). 

I have no picture this week because my photographer was out of country on the day that we typically take my picture!! I'll make sure we get a 32 week picture though. 

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