Tuesday, November 11, 2014

State of Our Life Address: Part 2

Here is a post that I wrote in November... that apparently did not upload correctly.  A lot has changed since even three months ago and I'll get on writing a new post for that! For now, here was November's news: 

A lot has happened since my last post! Here is the state of our life as it currently stands! 

We FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY sold our house! It took a lot of patience and negotiating but it is done!!! 

The buyers ended up wanting to close earlier than expected, which we found out on a Thursday. We had to scramble and make plans to get a moving truck and head there to pack the next day! 

We had some wonderful friends come help us pack the truck (and the boxes... because we were so not done with that part). Thank you, friends!!! There was a moment on Saturday night- and then another one on Sunday morning- when I was convinced that all of our stuff was not going to fit in the truck. It was packed to the ceiling!!! So I just started throwing things away. And somehow, we got our entire house, ourselves, and our dogs into a 26' truck and my car. 

Look at that handsome man driving :) Dixie was in the passenger seat keeping him company!

Sunday morning was very bittersweet. Along with our first home, we were leaving behind "our" city. It is where we met, fell in love, married, and experienced so many "firsts" together- like buying this house! We were also leaving behind some seriously amazing friends that we will miss so much! There were definitely tearful moments when I stopped and looked around at our empty first home and reality sunk in. But somehow we felt that this was the plan for our life. If it wasn't, it would not have worked out so perfectly!

So now we have temporarily moved ourselves and all of our belongings into my dad's house. He has had it on the market for about a year now and it was sitting empty. He was gracious enough to let us crash here while we make other arrangements. This way, we don't have to rush into buying a new house. That whole process was so exhausting that I need a break from it! 

I'll keep you posted on our status.

Thanks for so many memories Greenville!