Tuesday, October 27, 2015

36 weeks

36 weeks-- Cason is the size of a head of romaine lettuce and weighs about 6 pounds! It sure feels like it... 

At our appointment this week, we learned that he is still head down. When looking at my feet/ankles, our sweet midwife, who is so kind, said something along the lines of I see you have "a little swelling".... yeah, just a little. I only have about two pairs of shoes that I can fit on my feet at this point. I made a joke the other day that I would have to start wearing Crocs to work. Yeah, tried them on and even those barely fit. Jokes on me! My blood pressure looks good though, so that's a good thing.

At the beginning of the week, I got home from work to see a huge box on the doorstep and it was.... our glider!!! Of course it came on the night Ian was working a 24 hour shift. And I was DYING to put it together. So, I did. It may have taken me three times longer than necessary but I did it! And I think it's just perfect :) 

Here are some more pictures of the nursery: 

Over the weekend, we took maternity pictures with Alysia at the Anne Springs Greenway. It felt like a perfect fall day, in the 60's. And it was overcast, which was good for pictures because Ian's eyes are really sensitive to light so he would be squinting the whole time if it had been sunny! We can't wait to see the results!! :) 

On Halloween, we stayed home and passed out candy to the neighborhood kids! They were all so cute! :)  We didn't dress up but we did have some scary music and a strobe light going on the porch. 

We also put together the rock and play that will be next to our bed for the first little while after Cason is born. So I told him he can come now, we're ready!  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

35 weeks

Woooo- this week has been long. Work is starting to take it out of me. Being on my feet all day is doing quite the number on my ankles. For the first time, I woke up and was unable to fit my feet in my work shoes... not cool. The swelling is pretty uncomfortable but I'll make it through. I've been keeping an eye on my blood pressure to make sure it's not causing the swelling and so far, so good.  

Since being back at work, people have been telling me I'm huge and that they can't believe I have 5 more weeks to go! Not sure why it's ok to tell a pregnant woman that she's huge but hey, whatever. Another lady told me that she could tell I was getting closer because my lips were swollen??? What's up with that? 

We made the trip out to Greenville this weekend for our final baby shower!! The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the day! We loved seeing our sweet friends! 

This little munchkin has grown up SO much and has such a big personality! Can't wait for her to meet baby Cason! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

34 weeks

I headed back to work this week. It's crunch time, I never realized how much work it was to prepare for going out on maternity leave! I'm just trying to take it one day at a time so I don't get overwhelmed... 

We had a staff meeting this week and the wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) at work surprised me with a baby shower! I had NO clue that was coming and it was just the sweetest gesture. They had a cake, games, decorations, and lots of baby gifts! They were all so very generous.  

Over the weekend, we traveled to the Outer Banks for our diaper dinner/shower hosted by Ian's mom, aunt, and cousin. They put SO much thought into every detail and it was just perfect! If you have never had chicken and waffles, you are missing out. I could've eaten 12 servings but figured I should save some for everyone else! ;) 

This game (below) was absolutely hilarious. Ian and his friend Ryan had to dress a little baby blindfolded... Ian's poor baby looked like a hot mess when he was finished. But he tried so hard! ;) 

We are all stocked up on diapers and wipes thanks to everyone who came! 

Here is my picture for the week: 

Friday, October 9, 2015

33 weeks

Second week off... at least it stopped raining for a few days and the sun came back out! We did a lot of relaxing while Ian was at work... 

We went to see our midwife this week and she said baby Cason is measuring just right. He is still head down, thankfully, and probably won't move from that position. We have a 3 week break before we have to start going EVERY week! That means he's almost here, ahhhhh! 

We toured daycares again, this time with Ian along for the ride. Just such a huge decision to make on my own so I was SO glad to have him there to help me weigh the pros/cons! I think we've made a decision...

We installed a carseat in each of our vehicles! Can't wait for a cute little boy to be riding in the back seat with us!!! And we put together his stroller :) 

I got a text from these 3 beauties, who had gotten together to do some planning for our baby shower this weekend:

I was jealous... I haven't hung out with all of them together in a long time!!! 

Our shower was so wonderful. It was great to have our family and friends all together to celebrate our little boy! I didn't take many pictures because I am so bad at remembering! 

Unfortunately it rained all day long so we weren't able to have the bonfire that they had planned, but it all worked out! Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude after all of the love and baby gifts we received. This little boy is going to seriously be spoiled rotten! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who had any part of that special day!!! 

Here is my 33 week picture: