Friday, October 9, 2015

33 weeks

Second week off... at least it stopped raining for a few days and the sun came back out! We did a lot of relaxing while Ian was at work... 

We went to see our midwife this week and she said baby Cason is measuring just right. He is still head down, thankfully, and probably won't move from that position. We have a 3 week break before we have to start going EVERY week! That means he's almost here, ahhhhh! 

We toured daycares again, this time with Ian along for the ride. Just such a huge decision to make on my own so I was SO glad to have him there to help me weigh the pros/cons! I think we've made a decision...

We installed a carseat in each of our vehicles! Can't wait for a cute little boy to be riding in the back seat with us!!! And we put together his stroller :) 

I got a text from these 3 beauties, who had gotten together to do some planning for our baby shower this weekend:

I was jealous... I haven't hung out with all of them together in a long time!!! 

Our shower was so wonderful. It was great to have our family and friends all together to celebrate our little boy! I didn't take many pictures because I am so bad at remembering! 

Unfortunately it rained all day long so we weren't able to have the bonfire that they had planned, but it all worked out! Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude after all of the love and baby gifts we received. This little boy is going to seriously be spoiled rotten! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who had any part of that special day!!! 

Here is my 33 week picture:

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Shay Crane said...

We are all getting so excited! Love you so much.