Thursday, October 22, 2015

35 weeks

Woooo- this week has been long. Work is starting to take it out of me. Being on my feet all day is doing quite the number on my ankles. For the first time, I woke up and was unable to fit my feet in my work shoes... not cool. The swelling is pretty uncomfortable but I'll make it through. I've been keeping an eye on my blood pressure to make sure it's not causing the swelling and so far, so good.  

Since being back at work, people have been telling me I'm huge and that they can't believe I have 5 more weeks to go! Not sure why it's ok to tell a pregnant woman that she's huge but hey, whatever. Another lady told me that she could tell I was getting closer because my lips were swollen??? What's up with that? 

We made the trip out to Greenville this weekend for our final baby shower!! The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the day! We loved seeing our sweet friends! 

This little munchkin has grown up SO much and has such a big personality! Can't wait for her to meet baby Cason! 

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