Tuesday, July 28, 2015

23 weeks

First full week of seeing students... I definitely have a few challenging ones that I'll have to be careful around. But I think I can handle it! It's amazing how perceptive kids really are. I've had so many students- even just random students in the hallway- ask me if I have a baby in my belly. They are so cute! I asked one of them, "Why do you think that?" And he said, "Because your belly is so big!" Thanks, kid! ;) 

Cason got his first big package in the mail this week from his grandma! When I say big, I am NOT kidding. It was huge!!! Full of so many adorable things, including a sweater that was hand-knit with so much love! This child is going to be well-dressed and of course he will be loved to the moon and back. We are feeling so incredibly thankful for everyone who has been stocking us up already! :) he might need a bigger closet! 

I've said that I am not going to research a lot about womens' experiences with labor or watch birthing videos because I know it will make me anxious... and there's no turning back at this point (not that I would EVER want to) but I figure there's no use getting all worked up. As soon as I said those words out loud to a friend on the phone, I got an email from BabyCenter- the website that sends me weekly updates about Cason's progress and development. The contents of this email just so happened to include women describing labor. Here is just a small snippet. 

Uhh thanks, BabyCenter. Sounds like rainbows and butterflies, just like I had imagined! 

On a more positive note, I was forced to give Ian his birthday present a month early. And I think he was surprised! He has been wanting a workbench for the garage since we moved in. He was used to having an entire work building at our old house so going from that to one side of the garage has been an adjustment for him. You know those people that buy things for themselves when they really want them? Well, I had a feeling that a workbench was about to be his next big purchase. He wouldn't stop talking about it!!! He was determined to either buy one or build one. It was making me so nervous because I definitely wanted to surprise him, so I didn't want to make a comment like, "No, I don't think you should buy that..." because then he would know for sure. He has it all set up on his side of the garage and I think it makes him a lot happier to have a place for all of his things. Now we just have to clean the rest of the crap out of there! 

Over the weekend, I made a sign for over Cason's crib with his name on it. Getting closer to finishing it up! 

Here's my 23 week picture! 

22 weeks

We got to hear sweet Cason's heartbeat again this week at our appointment. Ever since he's been kicking me day and night, I feel less dependent on that Doppler for reassurance. But I will say, it's still nice to hear that sound! And Ian gets the biggest and sweetest smile on his face every time we hear it! Love that man- who comes to all of my appointments by the way! 

Soon my appointments will go from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks... and then eventually every week! Ahh! I just hope they have a lot of late appointments so I don't have to miss tons of work. I'm trying to save my time to spend with my little family! 

I hopped on the scale at the beginning of my appointment and was a little in shock, only because I've never seen that number on the scale!!! I don't even remember 100% what my starting weight was so I don't know my total weight gain so far. But I called my mom after I left and she reassured me that I'm right on track. I am over halfway there! I know that my midwife would tell me if she was concerned and she has not even mentioned it. I am not one to worry about that usually but for some reason I felt like I had made a huge jump. I think it's all in my head. Or maybe it's all that Rice Krispies Treats cereal ;) whatever, I'm just thankful to enjoy food and eating again! 

This week, we also got to celebrate my little sister's birthday... twice! One night we all went out to the restaurant of her choice... Red Lobster. Of course you know seafood is not my thing! But I could eat their biscuits all day long, and thought I might have to with how long it took for us to be seated and served! That's one good thing that has come with time. I can go longer between meals without feeling like I am going to vomit. That makes eating feel much less like a chore and much more enjoyable! 

             Me and my sweet Gram

The next day my mom hosted a cookout at her house. I was so happy to see our great Aunt Jewell! She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. 

The difference between the above pictures and this one below is about 6 inches of hair... I just couldn't take it anymore! It's too hot to have that much hair right now! :) 

21 weeks

I started back to work this week... bittersweet. I love working with my students and I do feel truly blessed that I get to have fun and lots of times play games with kids all day long (therapeutic games, of course!). That being said, there are many students that are not what I would typically define as "fun" to work with due to behavior. Some can even be quite aggressive. So I'm a little nervous to see which types of kids I will have on my caseload this year considering I don't just have myself to worry about. I'm sure it will be a healthy combination of both. Regardless of my new students, I know that it is almost a guarantee that I will be completely exhausted by the end of the day! Seeing up to twelve kids in a school day for back to back to back sessions is not always an easy task! I just have to make it through until November and then I'll have an amazing break with my own sweet babe!!! :) 

Monday, July 13, 2015

20 weeks

We're halfway there!!!!!!!! 

I wonder if the second half of this pregnancy will go faster or slower than the first half! 

This week, I've been craving cereal big time. And not just any cereal... a cereal from my childhood. Did anyone else love this stuff as much as I did??? 

We usually shop at Food Lion and they don't carry it. So I looked it up online to see if it is even made still. Yes!! And they carry it at Walmart! 

Two boxes were gone within a few days... but I had some help with that. Turns out, Ian was a fan of this stuff back in the day too! And still is :) 

We finally went to register this weekend, so much fun! Ian told me I'm "particular" after we were finished. I have learned that yes, I am particular. But it's mostly because I like things that are very simple and neutral. I feel like I can embrace boy without going crazy with blue everything. And having a blue nursery. I'm also being practical so that just in case I feel that someday I can take care of another life while dealing with my debilitating nausea and vomiting (read: if we decide to have another baby), we won't have to buy all new things! 

Benni's new favorite thing to do is follow me into the nursery and stealthily grab stuffed animals out of a basket on the bookshelf. He always gets caught, but he sure tries again every time we go in there. 

I'm dreading going back to work next week... it will be quite the adjustment. For me and for the dogs, who have been quite spoiled with attention these past few weeks! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

19 weeks

Nineteen weeks! Hard to believe! 

My time off for the summer is wrapping up, I'm feeling a little anxious about going back to work. Mostly because I don't usually have much time to pee, eat, etc. within the course of a workday due to seeing students back to back to back. But, looks like I'll just have to make it work! That may mean walking down the halls while eating snacks. The more I think about it, I don't know how teachers do it! They have to be with their students ALL DAY LONG and barely have a chance to use the restroom. When I'm waiting in line for the bathroom at my schools, I try to let the teachers go ahead of me because I know they have limited time away from the kids. At least I have moments of freedom in between students! 

Anyway, this week I focused on navigating the ins and outs of baby "stuff". So many pieces of equipment that it's hard to know what is a need versus just some cool piece of technology. I don't want to buy a bunch of things that ultimately get used once or twice both because I don't want to spend unnecessary amounts of money and I don't want big bulky things taking up lots of real estate... unless, of course, they are being used! So I've been researching in preparation for going to register sometime in the near future!  

I am starting to feel bigger. Like any time I have to bend down, it feels like I get out of breath. Getting comfortable to sleep is also becoming a challenge. I use at least 4 pillows to try and prop myself up. I'm a little tired of sleeping on the same side all night long but I am glad to report that if I go to sleep that way, I usually end up that way. I'm not a big toss and turner (is that a term?). 

I searched for an entire day (on top of hours and hours) for the perfect little accent rug for the nursery. I just had a vision of what I wanted and apparently rug designers and I do not share the same vision... it doesn't exist. I did find one that I thought would work. So I bought it. I might have settled but I was so tired of looking and my feet were hurting! 

My mom and I went shopping for a pegboard this week for the nursery. I want a boyish nursery and I thought this would be a cute way to achieve that look and also be functional! Here it is, hanging over the dresser/changing table. I haven't filled it up with all the things I want it to have, but there's time for that. I did add some baskets for storage!