Tuesday, July 28, 2015

23 weeks

First full week of seeing students... I definitely have a few challenging ones that I'll have to be careful around. But I think I can handle it! It's amazing how perceptive kids really are. I've had so many students- even just random students in the hallway- ask me if I have a baby in my belly. They are so cute! I asked one of them, "Why do you think that?" And he said, "Because your belly is so big!" Thanks, kid! ;) 

Cason got his first big package in the mail this week from his grandma! When I say big, I am NOT kidding. It was huge!!! Full of so many adorable things, including a sweater that was hand-knit with so much love! This child is going to be well-dressed and of course he will be loved to the moon and back. We are feeling so incredibly thankful for everyone who has been stocking us up already! :) he might need a bigger closet! 

I've said that I am not going to research a lot about womens' experiences with labor or watch birthing videos because I know it will make me anxious... and there's no turning back at this point (not that I would EVER want to) but I figure there's no use getting all worked up. As soon as I said those words out loud to a friend on the phone, I got an email from BabyCenter- the website that sends me weekly updates about Cason's progress and development. The contents of this email just so happened to include women describing labor. Here is just a small snippet. 

Uhh thanks, BabyCenter. Sounds like rainbows and butterflies, just like I had imagined! 

On a more positive note, I was forced to give Ian his birthday present a month early. And I think he was surprised! He has been wanting a workbench for the garage since we moved in. He was used to having an entire work building at our old house so going from that to one side of the garage has been an adjustment for him. You know those people that buy things for themselves when they really want them? Well, I had a feeling that a workbench was about to be his next big purchase. He wouldn't stop talking about it!!! He was determined to either buy one or build one. It was making me so nervous because I definitely wanted to surprise him, so I didn't want to make a comment like, "No, I don't think you should buy that..." because then he would know for sure. He has it all set up on his side of the garage and I think it makes him a lot happier to have a place for all of his things. Now we just have to clean the rest of the crap out of there! 

Over the weekend, I made a sign for over Cason's crib with his name on it. Getting closer to finishing it up! 

Here's my 23 week picture! 

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