Tuesday, July 28, 2015

22 weeks

We got to hear sweet Cason's heartbeat again this week at our appointment. Ever since he's been kicking me day and night, I feel less dependent on that Doppler for reassurance. But I will say, it's still nice to hear that sound! And Ian gets the biggest and sweetest smile on his face every time we hear it! Love that man- who comes to all of my appointments by the way! 

Soon my appointments will go from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks... and then eventually every week! Ahh! I just hope they have a lot of late appointments so I don't have to miss tons of work. I'm trying to save my time to spend with my little family! 

I hopped on the scale at the beginning of my appointment and was a little in shock, only because I've never seen that number on the scale!!! I don't even remember 100% what my starting weight was so I don't know my total weight gain so far. But I called my mom after I left and she reassured me that I'm right on track. I am over halfway there! I know that my midwife would tell me if she was concerned and she has not even mentioned it. I am not one to worry about that usually but for some reason I felt like I had made a huge jump. I think it's all in my head. Or maybe it's all that Rice Krispies Treats cereal ;) whatever, I'm just thankful to enjoy food and eating again! 

This week, we also got to celebrate my little sister's birthday... twice! One night we all went out to the restaurant of her choice... Red Lobster. Of course you know seafood is not my thing! But I could eat their biscuits all day long, and thought I might have to with how long it took for us to be seated and served! That's one good thing that has come with time. I can go longer between meals without feeling like I am going to vomit. That makes eating feel much less like a chore and much more enjoyable! 

             Me and my sweet Gram

The next day my mom hosted a cookout at her house. I was so happy to see our great Aunt Jewell! She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. 

The difference between the above pictures and this one below is about 6 inches of hair... I just couldn't take it anymore! It's too hot to have that much hair right now! :) 


Shay Crane said...

So adorable. Love you all!

Mrs. Crane said...

Love you too!