Monday, July 13, 2015

20 weeks

We're halfway there!!!!!!!! 

I wonder if the second half of this pregnancy will go faster or slower than the first half! 

This week, I've been craving cereal big time. And not just any cereal... a cereal from my childhood. Did anyone else love this stuff as much as I did??? 

We usually shop at Food Lion and they don't carry it. So I looked it up online to see if it is even made still. Yes!! And they carry it at Walmart! 

Two boxes were gone within a few days... but I had some help with that. Turns out, Ian was a fan of this stuff back in the day too! And still is :) 

We finally went to register this weekend, so much fun! Ian told me I'm "particular" after we were finished. I have learned that yes, I am particular. But it's mostly because I like things that are very simple and neutral. I feel like I can embrace boy without going crazy with blue everything. And having a blue nursery. I'm also being practical so that just in case I feel that someday I can take care of another life while dealing with my debilitating nausea and vomiting (read: if we decide to have another baby), we won't have to buy all new things! 

Benni's new favorite thing to do is follow me into the nursery and stealthily grab stuffed animals out of a basket on the bookshelf. He always gets caught, but he sure tries again every time we go in there. 

I'm dreading going back to work next week... it will be quite the adjustment. For me and for the dogs, who have been quite spoiled with attention these past few weeks! 

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