Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Yard Flag

I've been wanting a cute flag for the front flower bed, but I really didn't want to buy one... so after browsing Pinterest and Etsy, I found a cute burlap one I thought I could tackle! The first time I make something, I typically mess it up somehow... so if I made another one, I think it would look much better. And since this project was SUPER easy, cheap, and quick, I could make many more! Here is how I did it:

Step 1: 
Cut out a flag-like shape... make yours longer than I did! That is the one thing I would do differently. I didn't think about how far I would have to fold the top edge over in order to have a big enough hole to slide it over the flag holder. So now I have sort of a mini-flag! You can make yours with a point at the bottom or straight across. If you have another flag that you like, you could always use it as your pattern and trace around it! I was just winging it for this part...

Step 2:
Fold the edges over (about 1/2") and secure with straight pins.

Step 3:
Sew a straight stitch along each side.

**It doesn't have to be perfect... thankfully ;)

Step 4:
Pin the bottom. Mine was somewhat of a point so I just folded the edges over (about a 1/2") and overlapped them.
**Dixie was craving some attention during this portion of the project... she kept sticking her head under my arm, sweet girl :)

Step 5:
Fold the top edge over (far enough so that the flag will be able to slide onto the flag pole!!!) and it will look like the picture below. See how short mine is?! Oops...

Step 6:
Put the flag onto the flagpole to determine if it is so disproportionate that you will need to start over... keep your fingers crossed throughout this process... I would've loved to have a longer flag but I figured I could work with this one. Especially since it was getting late and I was determined to do this project in one night!
Step 7:
Cut out a zig zag shape from paper, any type of paper will do but thicker paper like posterboard would be best. I held it on top of the flag and used my disappearing ink pen to trace it.

Step 8:
Fill in the pattern with acrylic paint. I used a q-tip for this because I didn't have a small enough paint brush. A paint brush would probably be MUCH more efficient!
Step 9:
Look closely in the picture below to see this step! Do you see the "C"? Draw your letter on the flag with a disappearing ink pen. I did this freehand, you could always print out a letter from Microsoft Word in a large font, cut it out, and then trace it.

Step 10:
Fill the letter in with the color of your choice. I traced the outline of the "C" with a Sharpie marker first, then filled it in with black paint using my trusty q-tip!

Step 11:
Hang it up outside and enjoy!!
**I have NO clue how this flag will hold up against rain, wind, etc... we will see! I guess I could spray it with some type of protectant. But for now, because it was so easy and cheap to make, I am not all that concerned! I'll just make a new one if it gets ruined... a new, much longer one ;) 


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