Sunday, May 26, 2013

Check out the rack on that.... wall

Our bathroom had the plain 'ol metal towel bars when we moved in. For a little while, they were "ok". I could deal with them. The biggest problem with them is that towels get thrown on them haphazardly and then never dry... and then they smell funny. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. So in order to spread the towel out to allow it to dry, only one fits on that large rack. SO... like most of my projects start, I was perusing Pinterest (which takes up more time- and money- in my life than I'd care to admit) and I decided I could make my own towel rack that was a little more stylish. Luckily, Ian had built a makeshift fence recently to keep the dogs out of an area of our yard where we were trying to grow new grass... and he had some leftover 1x4 pieces of wood that were in great shape! And I already had the stain I wanted to use as well as the sponge brushes. So the only thing I had to buy was the hooks! 

Supplies Needed:
-1x4 cut to size (free)
-saw (I used a miter saw)
-sandpaper (not necessary, but if you want very smooth edges this would be a good idea)
-hooks (as many as you need- I wanted 3 because I like the way things look in 3's, I think mine were about $4 a piece at Lowe's)
-long screws for attaching the board to the wall
-level (optional, you can definitely "wing it")
-stud finder (I figure I am one of these considering the man I married!)
-sponge brush or rag to apply stain
-stain of your choice (I used a product called "Restor-a-Finish" that I found at an antique store and LOVE)

So for me, the total cost was $12!

1. Cut your 1x4 to size
2. Lightly sand the cut edges
3. Stain the wood (front and sides, staining the back isn't necessary but you can if you'd like!) and let it dry. Since I used the Restor-a-Finish, it dries very shortly after application- it isn't thick or gooey- which is a bonus because I am not a patient person when I'm excited about something! 
4. Lay out the hooks and mark where you want them. Make sure you are careful with these measurements. Try to leave the same amount of space on each end of the board and the same amount of space in between each hook for the best look.
5. Pre-drill the holes for the hooks with your screws. This just makes it easier to keep the hooks lined up just right when you attach them! (Hubs taught me that)
6. Attach the hooks! And admire your work so far! I LOVED the way the wood looked once it was stained. You never know what you'll get! 

7. Find the studs in your wall. Hopefully you can at least hit one... I measured with the stud finder multiple times because it tells me something different EVERY time. I think we have a cheap one.. 
8. Mark your board where the studs will be once you hang it. This is where you will add the long screws to attach it to the wall. 
9. Attach the board to the wall. I think you definitely need two people for this part just to ensure that it will be level and to hold it in place while screwing it in. Enter Hubs. I held it and he screwed it to the wall! 
10. Enjoy your creation! Ours now holds three towels and they dry so much faster now!!! 

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