Monday, May 27, 2013

Bathroom Storage Removal

Storage removal?! Whaaat?! I know, most people are trying to add storage to their homes, not removing it.

When we bought our house and moved in, we were very excited (and thankful) that the previous homeowners left us a few things! It was like Christmas! They left us a storage cabinet above each toilet. Best of all, they left the under-cabinet radio/cd player in the kitchen with a little note that said "Enjoy!" So sweet! And trust me, we have gotten a lot of use out of that thing. 

Back to the storage cabinets. The one over the toilet in our master bathroom looked like this:

The other day, I realized that it is HUGE and our bathroom is not. I mean, I didn't just realize that our bathroom isn't huge.. I knew that already. But I started to think, maybe if I took that down the bathroom would look bigger! To the right of the toilet is a narrow linen closet (you can't see it in the picture) that has plenty of space. I figured that whatever was in the  cabinet could probably just move into the closet. 

I went and got Mr. Crane's handy-dandy drill that I bought him for Christmas and probably use more than he does... hehe. I got to work. And this was not as easy as I thought it was going to be (Notice a theme? Nothing is ever as easy as I think it is going to be) . They had this thing rigged up, I mean it was intense. And it was heavy. 

After I got the cabinet off the wall, this is what was left:

See all those holes??! Yes, there was a screw in each and every one!! It was crazy. I kept thinking, this must be the last one... no wait, it is still attached, there has to be another one. And this is what I ended up with:

There were 20-some screws. Ridiculous. And that meant I had some wall patching to do. Which I hate. More than anything.

What do you think, does it look bigger?? 

Now, what color to paint this room... :) 
Here is an updated post on the storage solution I added to this space!

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