Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wow, we've been busy!

Since I work for a school system, I am fortunate enough to have Spring Break! This year, Hubs took the week off too, with the intent that we could go somewhere fun. However, going somewhere fun often equals $$$! We have two dogs, which we can't always take with us everywhere and those boarding fees add up (along with our guilt the entire time we are away that they are locked in a small cage and bored out of their minds). So instead of taking a vacay, we decided to stay at home and finish/start house projects. Now to most people this does not sound like a good time, but we enjoy doing things around the house together. So much so that we (or more like I) start a gazillion projects and end up having no time to finish them!!! This typically happens because I get very excited and motivated over the weekend, start the project, and then run out of time and the new week begins. When the new week begins, my motivation quickly declines. Anyway, so that was our plan... finish anything we had started previously FIRST and then move on to any new projects we had in mind.

Our list included:

1. Repaint the dining room with crisp, clean edges (more on that later)
2. Resurface the back deck
3. Mulch our flower beds
4. Get some flowers for the front porch, preferably ones that don't die since I have managed to kill every plant I've ever owned. I may or may not have googled "hardest plants to kill" to come up with ideas...
5. Pour a concrete patio off of the back deck
6. Finish the half wall in our kitchen
7. And lastly, on MY to-do list and not necessarily the Hubs' to-do list was to rip off the tile backsplash in our kitchen and replace it... I think Hubs was skeptical that we would even have time to do this one, therefore he was not very worried. I, on the other hand, had that "I am going to do this no matter what" motivation so I made sure there was time.

I'll be posting details about #1, 2, 6, and 7 soon. I'll go ahead and tell you that we didn't do #5 because we changed our minds. And #3 and #4 are pretty self-explanatory and don't require much although I will tell you that I chose ivy geraniums for the hanging baskets on the front porch and so far so good!

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