Saturday, February 8, 2014

Master Bedroom Woes

Does anyone else have this dilemma? I'm hoping it isn't just me... 

I spend so much time and put lots of thought into decorating our kitchen, dining room, living room, guest bathroom and bedroom, half bathroom.... basically every room but our master bedroom! And I know it's because that is the room that people are least likely to see when they come over. But at the same time, it's a room that we spend a lot of our time in! So why is it that I put less effort into decorating it? 

I am going to challenge myself to put more thought into our bedroom and give it more a more consistent color scheme. My biggest problem is making a decision on the wall color. It is currently a light tan (which is fine) but I'm thinking I would be more inspired if I found a new wall color and could take it from there. Here is one picture I found on (love this app and you should totally download it is you don't have it) that I am currently obsessed with:

Source: Martha O'Hara Interiors

What I love:
1. The wall color! So peaceful! 
2. The pattern on the curtains
3. The mixture of black chairs and dark brown wood furniture 
4. The nightstand setup 
5. The area rug 

The only problems are:
1. I don't think I'll ever be able to have white bedding due to the fact that we have two dogs. And life is too short not to let them lay on the bed every once in a while! And by every once in a while I mean every night :) our dogs are like our children. 
2. While beautiful, these curtains are not functional. They don't move or cover the windows at all. Upon further investigation I found out that this room was designed in a model home, so function was not as important as beauty. The designer said that if it were a real room for a client, she would add some bamboo shades. Being that our master bedroom is on the first floor, we need a little privacy! 

When I do find curtains that I love, they have to be 95". And I need FOUR of them. 95" curtains are not cheap. I like to find patterns I like at Target and then search for them on EBay. Here are the ones I currently love:

I would also like to find a huge area rug for under our bed.

Maybe I'll make that my mission today! Stay tuned as I add new posts updating you on the process of our master bedroom. I'll post a before picture at some point- but don't judge. 


House in the Heights said...

I think it's really common for the 'private areas' of the home to be last on the list. That's certainly how it is at our house! I love your inspiration pics, and think that wall color would be a great choice for the bedroom.

Laura Burghorn said...

I am brand new to your blog, but I feel I have a new sister! My home is largely "done", and now the MBR...I have gone back and forth (and forth and back) on color choices...we live in north central texas and the summer heat and sunlight is BRUTAL- our west wall is all window. I mean 20 feet of floor to ceiling window. I was lucky (HA! it was SO God) enough to find drapes that I can adapt to pretty much any color, any style cuz they match my trim (which I am NOT touching there are zillions of miles of it). I have gone back and forth and (forth and back- noticing a trend? I also argue with myself, but at least then I win occasionally)on color. I "think" I am going to go darkish-brownish-grey. I have never, ever, ever, ever had anything but a neutral bedroom. I am, frankly, tired of seeing white-washed, pale-hued, with "pops" of color...EVERYWHERE in the blog-o-sphere. What do YOU think?