Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cafe Curtains

We have another update in the kitchen! And this time, it involves the window treatment! When we moved into the house, there was already hardware above the window for a valance. So I went ahead and bought a simple black valance and hung it up! 

Over time, the blinds were getting sort of gross... they are right above the sink and sometimes stuff splashes on them. Ew. So I wanted to get rid of the blinds but not the privacy. I hate having windows open when it is dark outside and the lights are on inside. It just sort of freaks me out and always has. So I knew I would need some kind of curtain. But I also like the light coming in from outside and Ian likes the light from his shop outside to shine in the window at night. That meant many nights of blind wars. I would close them because it was dark outside and light inside. And he would open them because he liked the light shining in. Well, problem solved... and the solution? Cafe curtains! Half privacy and half light- what a compromise! 

I was thinking the curtains would be a perfect opportunity to pull all of our kitchen colors together. Our walls are gray, our cabinets are white, and our countertops are gray, black, white, and tan. 

The faucet and hardware on the cabinets are oil-rubbed bronze and almost look black. 

So, I went in search of a fabric with black, white, gray, and tan. Much easier said than done! But here is what I found and... I'm kind of obsessed with it! 

It is an upholstery fabric, so it's thicker than a typical printed cotton. They are usually more expensive too but I lucked out and went on a day they were having a 50% off sale! 

This was fairly easy in terms of the sewing skill required. I just measured our window and added an inch to each side for the seam allowance. Then I did a double-folded hem all around the edges. That was it!! Then I hung and admired them!! 

Here are the before and after pictures: