Saturday, August 10, 2013

Updated half wall

Not long after we moved into our house, we decided to take on the weird wall that separated the kitchen and dining area. And by "we decided" I mean that we had discussed it and one day while I was at work, Ian sent me a picture of it halfway torn down! He was feeling motivated I guess! And I was SO excited! 

It was a long process of debating on making it a bar, replacing drywall, adding extra supports in the wall, putting a new top on it, painting, etc. In the end, we decided we didn't have enough room to make it a bar area. 

This is what it looked like up until a few days ago:

The top piece just didn't look finished o me since it was so thin in comparison to the chair rail and baseboard. So I decided to buy some trim and make it look more substantial. I still have to caulk and paint it, but you can't really tell that from the pictures so I decided to go ahead and post them:

Here are some before & after shots to compare:

I think it looks much better. What do you think? 

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Emily Maldonado said...

Good thinking with the trim! It looks SO much more finished. I love it!!