Saturday, July 19, 2014

What We've Been Up To

Here's an update with the happenings of the past few weeks... 

We went to dinner for my cousin Jennifer's birthday and got to spend time with the fam! Sorry for the horrible lighting... I guess it was because we were inside and sitting by a window. 

                  Me and the hubs. 

    The birthday girl and my sweet Gram. 

               Gram and Gramps

                 Dad and Gramps

          Me and my sweet man again

We had a HUGE storm blow through last week. Lots of rain, flooding, lightning strikes, etc. Fortunately, my mom and sister and I were cozied up watching Gravity- which had some great sound effects- and we didn't hear a lot of the storm to know how bad it was. Unfortunately, the power blinked a few times and messed up our viewing party. So in the middle of the lightning storm, here's what these two decided to do...

Come on guys... what is the one place you are not supposed to stand in a lightning storm?? As you can see, I'm not in this picture. 

I got to have lunch with these sweet girls (we were missing one!). It was so great catching up but so bittersweet because it makes me realize how much more I'll miss them next year :(  Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to find such great friends at my new job! 

Umm... is this not the sweetest dog/human you've ever seen??? He requires a pillow to sleep well at night. Spoiled rotten. 

My latest obsession is these Lily and Laura bracelets. I was given one by my friends as a going away gift. So far, I've only bought one more but I am itching to buy more!!! They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns, how could you ever have too many?? It is also wonderful that they are made by women in Nepal. Check out if you've never seen them or want to know more! As of now, you can find them in boutiques or order them on websites such as Amazon! You can try searching Google for Lily and Laura bracelets by typing in the name and your location. That's how I figured out where they are sold around me! 

These are the ones I have my eye on right now:

But they are all so beautiful!!! Most places sell them for $12 each or $30 for a set of three. So you might as well get three, right?! 


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