Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My next project...

I love black. I used to say it was my favorite color and I got strange looks. But that doesn't change the fact that I love it! So I'm thinking my next project is going to be.......

.....painting all of the interior doors in our house black! 

Why not? I've seen some great before and after pictures on Pinterest that have convinced me it would look awesome!

Here are pictures from the blog that inspired me:


Doesn't it make such a huge difference? I asked Hubs about this one... he shot it down. But I think he would love it as long as he didn't have to participate in it. Painting is not his favorite! I'll have to keep working on him... or just do it while he's at work! ;)  He would forgive me! 

The only thing I can see happening is  losing motivation halfway through. I'm pretty good at that! Or doing all the doors downstairs and not ever making it upstairs. We do have 8 doors just downstairs... that sounds daunting! Renae from the blog listed above said it took her about an hour per door... that's doable, right?! A positive would be that I wouldn't have to keep scrubbing our white doors thanks to dog noses... I'd rather live in denial. 

I'm thinking this project will be done sometime in the near future! To see a post about two of the doors I've painted so far, click here!

**This post is for my sister Valerie because she said she wants me to post about projects I want to do... so that she can see how long it takes me to actually do them. She just wants to know that I am slack too ;)

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Emily Maldonado said...

What a great idea! It makes SUCH a difference in those pictures. I think you should do it :)